Associations in the South


The Association is an organisation representing the Golf Clubs in Dumfries & Galloway Region. There are three Counties in the Region each with its association.
1. Dumfriesshire Golfer’s Association
2. Kirkcudbrightshire Golfer’s Association
3. Wigtownshire Golfer’s Association

Dumfriesshire GA Office Bearers

President Jim Parker
Secretary/Treasurer Robert Richardson 01387 251799
Coaching Convenor IIan McWhiter 01387 731362
Team Captain Iain Thomson
Executive Representative Ian McWhiter

Kirkcudbrightshire GA Office Bearers

President: Jeff Sutcliffe (New Galloway) 01644 450265   Email
Vice President: Clark Riddick (Southerness) 01556 690234  Email 
Immediate Past President:William Watson (Kbt) 01557 860214 Email 
Secretary / Treasurer: Brian Duguid (Castle Douglas) 01556 503527 Email
Championship Secretary: Jeff Sutcliffe (New Galloway) 01644 450265 Email
Senior Team Captain: Clark Riddick (Southerness) 01556 690234 Email   
Junior Team Captain: Vacant
Golf Partnership: Jean Forrest 01556 610508 

Wigtownshire GA Office Bearers

President Stephen Kingston (W&B) 07734352126/01988 402382
Vice President Jimmy Cauldwell (Glenlude) 01581 300420 
Secretary Stephen Kingston 07734352126/01988 402382
Treasurer T.B.C
Team Captain TBC
Coaching Convenor Chris Robinson 01776 810273

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